WIP Wednesday 6

Martin’s Progress 3

Although Martin has been continuing with his paintings of doors and windows, none of them are quite finished yet:


But, while waiting for the layers of oil and acrylic to dry, he hasn’t been idle ~ far from it!

He’s been stripping layers of paint and varnish ~ over a hundred years worth ~ from the staircase and the hall…

IMG_2857 2.jpg

And when he’s taking a much~needed breather from that he works on Photoshop projects. This one is called ‘The Mysterious Mandala’:











WIP Wednesday 5

Watching Martin’s latest paintings develop before my very eyes (WIP Wednesday 2 and WIP Wednesday 4) has inspired me to start my own art project.

I’ve been mulling over a particular idea for a quite while but haven’t had the confidence to make a start, in case what I create doesn’t match up to the wonderful vision in my head.

Now, with the help of my talented husband, I’ve decided to just get on with it and ~ ever up for a challenge ~ I’m working on two versions of the same basic idea, at the same time:

Unlike Martin, I don’t have any formal art training so I’ve deliberately chosen a simple design, which gives me plenty of scope to experiment with different colour palettes, textures and materials.

By yesterday evening I’d completed the preparation, ready to move on to the next exciting stage. I’m a little bit nervous that I might mess them up, but also looking forward to seeing how they both pan out!

And, in case you’re curious about the rasperry splodge in the last photo, I’ve also started another crochet project ~ can you guesss what it might be?

All will be revealed next time…


If anyone out there has a Work In Progress (WIP), that they’d like to share, Martin and I would love to see it! 🙂


My Fab Friend Hazel

My Fab friend Hazel Jones and I are Crafty Bees, attending the thriving local craft group of the same name, which meets every other Monday evening at a charity run cafe called ‘The Living Room.’

Over the last couple of years members have worked on a diverse range of projects. Whilst many of us favour more traditonal knitting or needlework, Hazel brings along a variety of interesting ‘makes’, for her three young children, turning recycled materials and charity shop finds into papier~mache forts, Barbie doll furniture, World Book Day costumes, Super~Hero outfits and so on.



In addition to being a busy Mum, Hazel volunteers in her childrens’ school library and plays a part in historical re-enactments at two English Heritage sites on the Island.

As if all that wasn’t enough, she has also collated her ideas for inexpensive activities and toys into three brilliant books:

Pound Shop Play, Sensory Play on a Shoestring and Even More Sensory Play on a Shoestring. As you might expect from the titles these are very reasonable ~ and are available from Amazon in paperback and ebook format.

If you’d like to know more about My Fab Friend Hazel Jones and all her wonderful creative ideas for encouraging and expanding young minds, she also runs a Facebook page, Pound Shop Play, and you can visit her blog of the same name here.




WIP Wednesday 4

Martin’s Progress 2

For those of us who are lucky enough to have reached retirement a rainy Bank Holiday weekend, like the one we’ve just had, isn’t necessarily a disappointment. Having to stay indoors gives us even more time to work on our art projects. 🙂



This is how Martin has been using some of that time:

He is still creating digital artwork as well ~ he says he’ll show us some of that next time.



First Night Design | New! The Easter Hat Box #VintageArt

I first connected with my multi~talented friend Sarah Vernon through WordPress, where we followed each other’s blogs.

When she moved to the Isle of Wight we discovered that her new home was in the same lane as our dentist’s surgery, so ~ after one of my dreaded appointments ~ I popped in to welcome her to the island.
From the minute I laid eyes on her lovely smiling face I felt as though I’d always known her and ~ as we nattered ten to the dozen ~ we discovered that we have many things in common. Since then our friendship has grown through social media, where we express similar opinions, support the same causes and share a wicked sense of black humour!

Bembridge, where Sarah lives, is fourteen Isle of Wight miles from our house ~ which is practically the dark side of the moon in island terms ~ but we’re planning to meet up again after Easter, when another dental appointment looms. I’m really looking forward to seeing my fab friend in person again. The hygienist, not so much!

Anyway I’m delighted to introduce Sarah to you, so that you can visit her amazing site ~ which includes links to on~line stores and galleries, where you can purchase her beautiful, contemporary designs in a variety of formats ~ and get to know all about her too.



First Night Design

The Easter Hat Box Greeting Card © Sarah Vernon at Redbubble

This is an original vintage colour lithograph by Frank A. Nankwell used for a Puck periodical cover in 1899 (April 5) from The Library of Congress and copyrighted by Keppler & Schwarzman. Easter has never looked so attractive!

Please note that Zazzle is taking a long time for this design to show in search results.

Available at the following galleries:
Zazzle US
Zazzle UK
Fine Art America [14 fulfilment centres in 5 countries]

Take care and keep laughing!


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WIP Wednesday 2

Martin’s Progress 1

Whilst I’ve been inspired to regenerate this blog and have started another crochet project, Martin has been experiencing a bit of a creative renaissance as well.

After spending the last few years focusing solely on digital artwork, he has recently taken up more traditional painting again ~ though, being Martin, he has put his own  unique spin on it!

Here are some of his current Works in Progress, using acrylics, which at one time was his favourite medium, and oils, which he has never tried before. :

Although his digital work is amazing, it’s lovely to see him with a paintbrush in his hand again!