When in doubt….

Just as I made the momentous decision to give up working for other people and to try and earn some money from doing the things I love best instead, the sun – quite literally – came out! It’s appearance has been rare and random on the island this summer and the forecast for the following few days wasn’t encouraging, so, before I’d truly got started as a self-employed creative, I was facing my first dilemma.

Serious writing and craftwork using paper are best carried out indoors. With the possible exception of actually making paper, which involves sloshing a deckle and mould into huge quantities of water with pulp floating in it. Carrying out this process in the open has distinct advantages, but it wasn’t on my ‘to do’s’ that day.

I’d planned, instead, to finish some incomplete short story manuscripts so that I can start submitting them for publication; update my Indian Head Massage consultation forms and trawl through a basket of half-finished art projects, to see if there are any worth rescuing. In the studio.

But my soul craved warmth and sunlight and I knew that when the rains came (as they surely would…. and did), I’d regret spending this one lovely day inside. And, surely, the whole point of giving notice from a ‘proper’ job is to feed my soul.

So, after a brief internal debate, I settled myself in a deck chair, with a pile of magazines and a tall glass of lemonade. To the casual observer it may have looked as though I was simply sunbathing. But I prefer to call it ‘Research’.


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