I've started, so I'll……

Well, I’m so glad that I decided to take myself outside while the sun was shining because it’s been pretty dull ever since. But, instead of complaining about the vagaries of the British weather, I’ve been using these less than summery days to get on with some actual creative writing. Yay!

One of my biggest stumbling blocks so far has been actually finishing a story or chapter to my satisfaction. I have a stock of (what I consider to be) great ideas and have no trouble starting off with a burst of enthusiasm. But, although I have roughly planned the direction I wish to take, my characters often have a different route in mind. They tend to wander off down uncharted paths with me desperately trying to get them back on track.

I find myself reading, re-reading and editing the first few paragraphs so often that, in the end, what I have written seems contrived and I lose interest, archiving it to be completed on another occasion, when I hope that inspiration will flow more freely and easily.

In the past I have put pressure on myself to be perfect right from the start and to get my work published as quickly as possible, so that I can honestly describe myself as a ‘writer’. This has hampered my progress for a few years now, so I’ve made the decision not to submit anything else until January 2011.

In the meantime I’ve started completing those unfinished compositions, without judging whether they are ‘good’ or not. I’m just flexing my writing muscles and enjoying the process without having any attachment to the outcome.

I am a writer. In addition to my short stories and the ever-present ‘novel on the back burner’, I write journal entries, emails and texts, letters to friends, literature to support my Indian Head Massage business and comments on Facebook. And now I’m writing this blog. I’ve had poems and articles published locally, I just haven’t received payment for them …..yet.


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