How much is enough?

So, what have I been up to in the seven days since my last blog?

I have been writing (yay!). Labouring with a short story that I started several months ago and which I’m determined to complete. I know where it begins, how I’d like it to go and what the ending is but I keep getting bogged down in dreary minutiae. It’s based on real life and I keep having to yank myself out of the trap of trying to be truthful and honest about what actually happened. This is supposed to be fiction. Ok, all authors must draw from actual events and relationships but – to make it interesting for the reader – there must be sufficient difference in the detail to avoid simply telling it as it was, from my biased perspective.

A character from a novel I’ve  been fiddling about with for seven years or so keeps insinuating herself into my consciousness, so I’ve finally gathered together the most recent passages I’ve written about her and I’m progressing her part of the story. It’s weird, but she never appeared in the original manuscript and was only a minor character in the second draft (17,000 words of which were consigned to cyberspace oblivion when my Macbook crashed). The hero is being a bit stubborn at the moment, so I’m happy to revive his sidekick. (And yes, I’m backing up every word I write now – on both my computers, an external hard-drive and printed copy.)

I’ve also re-edited a re-edited piece that I wrote for my writing group’s anthology, then decided to submit to a magazine instead. They kept it for months before rejecting it, so now it’s back in it’s original form and will hopefully be printed in the anthology sometime soon.

So, along with my occasional ‘morning pages’ and the reviews I’m writing of all the books I’m reading, I have been working fairly consistently to enlarge my portfolio.

Why, then, do I feel as though I’m not doing enough?


3 thoughts on “How much is enough?

  1. I work in creative spasms – far fewer than I would like interspersed by what seem like huge periods when I doing seem to be making much progress. I’m not sure any of us every really believe we’re doing enough – take heart, Wightrabbit, you are not alone – there are at least two of us in this boat!

    1. Thanks for that Sallie – it’s great to know that I have an audience of at least one! I’m just getting my head around blogging and customising my page, hence the delay in replying. I’m enjoying your posts and I’m amazed at how much you’re into!

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