Baby steps

I’m really pleased with myself.

Yesterday afternoon, before I shut down my iMac to go and do my ‘proper’ job, I finished the first draft of a short story that I’d started on Tuesday morning. I just have to allow it to settle for a few days before editing it, reading it out at my writing group, re-editing it and filing it in my (as yet, empty) ‘Completed Manuscripts’ folder, ready to be sent out into the world in the New Year.

In the meantime I’m waiting for another idea to spring to mind, as I really would like to capitalise on this… success. As you can see, I’m reluctant to use the word ‘success’ for having taken such a baby step towards the goals that I committed to when I started this blog. But – having struggled for years to regain the careless fluidity with which I once composed stories, articles, essays and academic assignments – I’m celebrating this minor breakthrough. Nurturing it in the same way that I encouraged my twin grandsons to take their first independent steps recently.

Little by little, Mylo and Ruan gained the confidence to stand alone, lurch – unsteadily at first – towards my waiting arms, then walk away from me. Now they are (almost) up and running, cheered on at every stage. They don’t give up. Every time they lose their balance, they struggle to their feet and start again, beaming with satisfaction as they reach their goal. They cannot help themselves, they are programmed to persevere, however many times they fall. And – even as their legs wobble and their bottoms hit the floor – they laugh, happy just to be doing what comes so naturally.

Wow! I never expected that!


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