There to be broken

I’m finding that Scrumbling gives me food for thought – and not just about the work in progress. Once I’ve chosen which tools, materials and stitches to experiment with I can work on it with a corner of my brain, leaving the rest free to wander (and wonder). 

In an earlier post I mentioned that this art form suits me because I like to do things without the inhibition of having to follow rules. But, thinking about it, I’ve realised that that’s not strictly true. Ironically, there have to be rules before you can break them – even in freestyle crochet (or freestyle anything, I’m guessing). You have to know how to do something ‘properly’ before you can start ‘thinking outside the box’, wondering ‘what would happen if…’

And, even when you do, there are natural laws – governing technique; perspective and proportion; the limiting properties of the materials that you use (and abuse); an inbuilt perception about the ‘rightness’ of shape, size, colour etc. You don’t necessarily have to observe these but – to my surprise – I found that my internal critic does.

This discovery led me to ponder what would happen if everyone adopted ‘freeform living’, ignoring the rules of modern society.

Rules of the road, for example. If we made those up as we went along, it would take ages to get anywhere. Cars would be queuing at roundabouts waiting for their drivers to decide who should go first. We’d be up the exhaust pipes of silly old fools traveling at 15 m.p.h., overtaking them dangerously when they come to a halt without warning and swerving all over the place to avoid collision with on-coming traffic on our side of the road. And what about pedestrians? They’d never be able to cross the road in safety.

And I suppose there has to be some sort of discipline about going to school. If pupils and teachers turned up (or not) whenever they felt like it, future generations would be unable to read, write, or work out how much things cost.

To be competitive, businesses must operate within defined parameters. For example, it wouldn’t make sense to open in the wee small hours (unless you’re running a nightclub), when potential customers are asleep.

And hospitals – what would happen to the sick and Friday night walking wounded if there weren’t systems and processes in place to provide the appropriate care?

I could go on but I’m sure you appreciate the irony .

So, having said all that, I’d like to amend my earlier statement about being drawn to doing things ‘without rules’ to ‘…without unneccessary rules’. Just as long as I’m allowed to bend them!


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