On Writing…..

I haven’t blogged for a while but I have still been writing.

A review for Anne Lewington’s novel ‘Immortali’, published on Wightrabbit;  theguardianonline, Google and Amazon.

I worked on a piece about ‘Change’, for the Wight Writers’ annual competition. A short story, based on things that I really know about; words flowing from my fingers as images danced through my mind. It’s awesome when that happens.

Then, in a morning, I sketched in the bones of a 1000 word story, an entry for a magazine short fiction competition. And – despite falling prey to the first (and hopefully the only) virus this season – I honed it and tweaked it and printed it out, arriving at the Post Office with a couple of minutes to spare before the midday post was collected. So I will meet the deadline and that’s all I set out to do.

A smattering of email; a text here and there; a couple of updates on Facebook and Twitter, my signature on a cheque (just the one) and I’m done.

Except for my Morning Pages – hand written notes on my insights as the world wakes up outside. This has been my ritual for years now – not every day, but whenever the lure of purple pen and lined notebook awakens me. Then I write about the weather, the passing of seasons and of nature. Of birds and insects and stray cats on the fence, of plant life, flowers and fruit. Of frosty mornings and snow covered fir trees, of fierce winds; lashing rain, clear skies and bejeweled spiders’ webs strung out in the morning sun.

Sometimes I work out my feelings, on life and love and the process of ageing. Concluding that I’d rather be where I am now, with a ton of experience behind me, than be young and fearful again.

I write. And – although from the outside it might seem like a solitary pursuit – from where I’m standing it rocks! I create imaginary worlds in alternate dimensions, peopling them with a variety of interesting characters, acting out to amuse only me. As I immerse myself the lives of my cast, time releases its’ pressing influence.

It’s addictive – but in a good way.

I am proud of what I’ve achieved lately and that makes me happy. Who could ask for anything more?

Write on!


4 thoughts on “On Writing…..

  1. Yeah, the purposeof writing is first and foremost to amuse yourself. If you can amuse or bemuse others and may be get you name with a bit of grub thrown in, nothing better than that. Keep it up.

    1. Thanks versakay – it’s easy to fall into the trap of turning my passion into a ‘job’, which is why I love my Morning Pages. They are essentially just for me but sometimes I get inspiration for a piece or story from my early morning musings. Thanks for your support!

  2. I can hear you talking through your writing, which makes it so enjoyable. It’s completely natural and that made me think of some superb quotes in the Guardian supplement ‘How to Write Fiction’, such as ‘If it sounds like writing, I rewrite it’ Joseph Heller .
    I love your Morning Book idea – inspirational! – and your descriptions of writings ranging from competitions to the cheque.

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