100 Word Mini-Saga…. Done!

I did it! At about ten thirty last night, I finally finished my mini-saga competition entry and emailed it off. Yay! Well done me!

I know I said I’d finished it on Sunday and only had to read it through and make minor alterations. And I intended to do just that. But I just couldn’t help myself from meddling with it: swapping sentences around to see if they would flow better; substituting one qualifying word for a more apposite one, taking out a character and re-routing the story line. The trouble is, when you’re working within a 100 word limit, messing with a single sentence can unbalance the whole thing and never having read – let alone written – a mini-saga, I’m still not sure if what I’ve presented is one.

But that’s not important. Neither is winning (truly), or even taking part. I’m just congratulating myself on completing a self-imposed challenge within the deadline, and for having the guts to post it. It might not seem like much but I’m proud of myself – and that’s a big step for me.

I’ll let you know how I get on.


One thought on “100 Word Mini-Saga…. Done!

  1. Well done! That’s really good news. It’s much more challenging to be minimal with words rather than verbose. It forces you to consider what’s really essential and what might be just ‘window dressing’ (says she who’s never done anything like this herself)!
    I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you.

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