Competition Results

I WON!!!!

This is the first time since junior school that I have won anything for my writing – and even then it was just praise from the school inspector, when my teacher showed him one of my ‘compositions’ – as they used to call them back then. So I’m thrilled and would like to thank all those who wished me ‘Good Luck!’

As if that wasn’t enough excitement for one day, The Artist bought me an iPad2 – I’m writing on it now. It took a great deal of patience and more than one expletive to coax it this far – I had to restore it to factory settings several times before it finally agreed to co-operate. And there’s so much more to be activated…. But a girl can can only handle so much backchat from a computer in one sitting.

In the meantime I couldn’t resist having a little play. And I must say I am most impressed. I’ve can navigate the features relatively easily, as it’s based on the iPhone. I’ve had two of those and I could never go back to a ‘normal’ phone, so I am already a willing convert. What has amazed me, though is the ease with which I am able to use the touchpad keyboard. When the tablet is in landscape mode, the letters are spaced far enough apart for me to employ my old-fashioned typing skills – using all my fingers.

This is far more enjoyable than any technical device I’ve ever used and has the added advantage of being so portable that I’m snuggled on the sofa, while The Artist is playing a video game on telly, (with headphones on, I’m happy to report!) I’ll write with anything – even a blunt pencil, if that’s all there is to hand (though I do draw the line at blood). But it doesn’t take three guesses to predict which implement I’ll be favouring from now on. I can’t wait to get stuck into composing more competition entries and I may even bring that sidelined novel off the back burner and progress that. When I’ve transferred and updated all my files, that is, so don’t hold your breath!

What a lovely day I’ve had! Much love and thanks to The Artist, who worked hard at a second job to pay for this fabulous gift.


11 thoughts on “Competition Results

  1. That’s so great, Jaqueline, big congratulation, I have read the other four stories and some of them were bit confusing, I didn’t quite get them, but English is not my first language so let’s blame that. BUt yours compare to them is easy and simple and beuatiful. YOU DESERVE IT.

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