Being Good to Myself

Although I have been running this blog for over a year, I haven’t quite got into the swing of adding regular posts. Believe me, I’ve tried. The number of abandoned drafts in my library – irrelevant now that the moment has passed – testify to my good intentions. It’s as though I’m being constrained by some reverse law of attraction – the instant I vow to pull up my socks and publish at least one post on each of my blogs every week, the universe conspires to prevent me. Inspiration deserts me mid-sentence; I get caught up in other tasks that take longer than anticipated, The Artist suggests tantalizing diversion (bless him!), or I simply don’t feel like it.

I have been berating myself for my lack of application; insufficient self-motivation and sheer laziness. I understand that I can’t be writing while I’m cooking, cleaning, gardening, scrumbling, shopping or going to work. But – however much I accomplish in other areas – my harsh internal critic is poised to point out the one thing that I haven’t managed to do.

So, for want of something original to post and in a shameless attempt to meet this week’s self-imposed target, I have decided to re-post a passage from one of the blogs that I follow – ‘The Water Witch’s Daughter’. The author, Suzicate, seems to have written it just for me, particularly the line, ‘write those words until the book arrives’. If you find her words inspiring too and you’d like to read more from Suzicate, please visit her blog:

“No one can enter the river wearing the garments of public and collective ideas. He must feel the water on his skin. He must know that immediacy is for naked minds only, and for the innocent.” ~ Thomas Merton, Raids On The Unspeakable

Does your true desire call your name?

Does the sound of the roar frighten you?

Step off the bank.

Wade in. Get your feet wet.

Even if you can’t see the bottom, you must trust.

Let the water flow over you. Let it wash the fear away.

Practice. Be the best at who you are.

Float until you learn to swim.

Go with the ebb and flow.

Ride the waves.

Write those words until the book arrives.

Stroke by stroke, paint the canvas until the picture appears.

Snap away until the perfect photograph emerges.

Chisel away the rock until the shape that calls you is formed.

Play the chords until the song sweeps your soul away.

Show us what moves you.


3 thoughts on “Being Good to Myself

  1. Thank you for the shout out!
    It’s difficult sometimes to keep up with our own demands. We’re much harder on ourselves than others…we need to treat ourselves as we treat others.

  2. Both the spirit and the flesh

    Both the spirit and the flesh are weak. The potential rots. You are weary, not to will yourself to clamber over the desultoriness and jump out into the creative refreshing flow. You wait indefinitely as time slips by, waiting for that spark to ignite the dry-rot infested wood and propel you to jump over the wall into the clear creative stream and quench yuor thirst to write and of others to read. You sit and wait as your sight and insight seem to get inky and dark. Then lo,!there is lightning . And you are running frantically to save your dear life. You climb on it and dive headlong into the deep and find your depth. amateurish, eh?

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