Another Day in Paradise

The Christmas holidays are over and this afternoon The Artist and I return to our cleaning jobs at a nearby secondary school. It’s wet and wild out there and I’m grateful that we chose to go for a drive yesterday, when it was freezing cold but gloriously sunny. Traveling along deserted country lanes, winding through picturesque but silent villages, reminded me why we were motivated to forsake the life-limiting rat-race on the mainland, nearly a decade ago.

For technical reasons, which I cannot fathom and with which I will not bore you, I’m finding it tricky to pubish a decent blog. Which is why I haven’t posted my New Year Writing Resolutions yet. To be honest, I’ve been enjoying myself far too much – reading  the other blogs I follow, downloading ebooks to the Kindle app on my iPad, eating junk food and dozing on the sofa – to actually make any. And it’s probably too late now, don’t you think? (Say, ‘yes!’)

I distrust formal resolution-making anyway. Past experience informs me that – whenever I state, publically, that I intend to do something or other, without fail I invoke the fickle law of reverse attraction. I scarcely have time to boot up my computer before my path is strewn with – not obstacles, exactly – but diversions. The Artist appears in a burst of disruptive energy; my son decides to get married, my daughter gives birth to twins or the sun shines and I abandon my keyboard to go outside and play.

So – no resolutions for me. Instead I’ll share with you my only promise.

Whatever happens this year – and despite the prophesies of universal doom and gloom – I will live life  to the full, remembering what brought me here

The rain has ceased, grey skies are turning blue. It’s going to be another lovely day here on The Isle of Wight.


5 thoughts on “Another Day in Paradise

  1. Enjoy yourself, to the lees. That is what life is meant for. But, do resolve, to write a post like this oncein a while to propel othes. in the thick of the rat race to , well, live.

  2. Have you ever try to change the resolution thing for goals for the year?? I did it many times and it works so much better, because you have much more time to acheive it and for example if you put on your goal list I’ll exercise more if you do so just once a fortnight at the end of the year you can feel better because you have done at least something … And one of my friend told me she’s writing the list and leaving it under the christmas decorations, at the bottom of the draw and than finds it at the end of the year, I’ll do so this year.
    And your living to the full is great start!!!!
    Happy new year!!

    1. That’s an excellent idea, Vendulka – it takes the pressure to succeed away, then you are more likely to. I sometimes flick through my old ‘Morning Pages’ exercise books and it gives me a warm glow to remember that I achieved a personal goal, or that a little worry worked out in the end! Happy New Year to you, too. See you at UFO on Monday.

  3. I love your title for this blog – we are truly lucky to live in such a beautiful placed and the sun does shine here more frequently probably than anywhere else in the Uk (I shall probably have The Met on my tail now)! It always seems to have been shining here when we return from other rainy places.
    You are well ahead of me re the New Year – I’m still recovering from a busy, but lovely, festive season. Now…must start planning ahead!

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