The Nominees Are….

I am happy to tell you that Pete Denton has nominated me for ‘The Versatile Blogger award! Thanks so much for that Pete, it was a lovely surprise and I’m very flattered that you have included me in your list.

The rules of this nomination are to:

1. Thank the award-giver and link back to them in your post.

2. Share 7 things about yourself.

3. Pass this along to 15 0r 20 others.

4. contact your chosen bloggers to let them know about the award.

I’ve already thanked Pete and I can thoroughly recommend that you click on this link and have a look at his blog:

That was easy – now for the bit I’ve been dreading, since I got the notification of my nomination! Ok, here goes…

7 Things About Me: (Arghhh!)

1. Before moving to The Isle of Wight seven years ago, I was a qualified Social Housing Officer and Corporate Member of the Chartered Institute of Housing, working in Devon and Cornwall. I held down a full time job, whilst studying for and passing all the required elements, so I am very proud of my achievement. (Although I gave it all up, when I came here, to concentrate on my writing and art.)

2. I have a Level 3 qualification in Indian Head Massage – which involved much more theory than I was expecting. If I’d realised that there was a final exam, in which I had to score 100%, I would never have signed up for the course – which is probably why my tutor kept it quiet until I was fully committed! But I’m glad that she did.

3. ‘The Artist’ is my second husband and we have been married for 13 incredible years. I proposed to him – and he said, ‘OK’! (Well, he was never going to ask me, so someone had to take the initiative.)

4. When I left school (many moons ago!) I joined the Queen Alexandra’s Royal Naval Nursing Service, as an SRN trainee. I left when I was expecting my first child and became a full-time mother, as was the custom in those days.

5. I was born in a Chinese Year of the Dragon and am also a Leo – a fiery combination which could make me unbearable, if weren’t for the fact that the element controlling my year (1952) is Water. So I generally go with the flow. But push me too far and sparks will fly – you have been warned!

6. I have astigmatism – rugby-ball shaped eyeballs – a condition I inherited from my Lithuanian great-grandmother. Because of it, she was medically unfit to gain entry to America in the early 1900’s and ended up in Glasgow, where she gave birth to my grandmother. So, I might have been American……or I might not exist!

7. And finally…(this is more difficult than a Level 3 Indian Head Massage exam!) I am a ‘glass overflowing’ kinda gal. Whatever difficulties life chucks at me, (and there have been quite a few, trust me,) I tend to seek out the ‘gifts’, learn the lessons and be grateful for how lucky I am. Cheesy, I know – but my inbuilt optimism is what gets me through.

Whew! Thank goodness that’s done! Now for the exciting part:

In no particular order, my Nominations are:

1. Blog About Writing




5 reflections from a cloudy mirror







12. changing


14. Craig Hallam

15. Timethief

I hope you can find time to pop over to have a look at one or two – if not all!


10 thoughts on “The Nominees Are….

    1. Thanks, Suzi – it has been a good exercise in picking out what’s important to me. Indian Head Massage is a fantastic holistic treatment, which has so many benefits that I’m going to write a post about it, so thanks for asking!

    1. Thanks Anne – but cyber-gremlins seem to have deleted my post, which is very annoying. Hope you’re having more success with publishing ‘Tribes’ than I am getting a simple article to remain where I put it!

    1. Thinking about which 7 things to share made me evaluate my life so far – and yes, Sally, it has been eventful! I’ve realised that I do have plenty of ‘research material’- now I’ve just got to knuckle down and get on with writing it!

  1. Thank you, Jacqueline! A pleasure and an honor to receive this – especially from you, because I discovered your blog by accident! I’m so glad I did. I’m going to do my best to get my obligations for this award done this weekend! It is a great opportunity to honor other great bloggers for their work – and sometimes it’s a hard thing to do day after day! You do beautifully!

  2. Very kind of you to have nominated me for yhe award. I have been constantly thinking since then, of fulfilling my reciprocal responsibilities before reverting to you. But have not yet been able to sit down and do so. Will try to do so soon. Thanks again.

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