It’s a Mystery!

I have no idea what is happening in cyber-space. I know I published a post about the ‘Versatile Blogger’ award – because several people commented on it. But, when I tried to open it just now, so that I’d could answer those comments, it has disappeared! I’ve found an unfinished draft and have – hopefully – re-published that. How long it is accessible remains to bee seen

I’m trying my best to join the on-line writing community by maintaining an interesting blog – but it seems that the technology is conspiring against me! I make giant leaps forward, only to stumble backwards into an abyss of hopeless frustration. It simply won’t do!


7 thoughts on “It’s a Mystery!

    1. Thanks, Pete – we can’t both be deluded……can we? The link you gave me works but the version that is now viewable has only 13 nominations, when I know I made 15. Also my own replies to comments are being emailed to me for approval – this has never happened before! Grrrr!

  1. Sometimes WP goes haywire! A couple of times, when I have lost a post, I go to my computer’s “history” button, and I can find it, embedded there deep in the bowels of my own corner of cyberspace.

    Having to rewrite something that, once you lose it, becomes perfect in your memory, is one of the most miserable tasks to perform.

    Glad you found yours! Otherwise, where would I be? 😆

  2. Thank you for your comment on my blog that I was a nominee. Please know that your statement of inclusion matches any performance of actually presentation.

    I appreciate your generosity and readership very much, Wightrabbit.

    Your problem with the blog may explain why I haven’t been notified of your posts. I thought you had backed away from blogging.

    I will subscribe again and see how it works now.

    1. p.s. – I suspect because I had not taken a look at the post before it disappeared, there is nothing to see when I go to the link given by Pete.

      When I’ve lost work, I go back to my original work through my dashboard. Then I scroll down to the very bottom of that screen. There are various dates and times that the article was saved.

      Clicking on the latest time has always brought the article back for me.

  3. I’ve made a commitment to blog more often now, so thanks for subscribing again. I’ll try your advice if I lose work again. I’ve re-instated most of the original post, just have to input the last two nominees, so you should be able to read it. Hope you enjoy what I’ve written!

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