Reviewing the Rewards

Despite problems with intermittent Internet connection, disappearing blog entries and my lack of technical knowledge, accepting ‘The Versatile Blogger’ award from Pete Denton has proved to be a giant leap forward for me.

I’ve had several interesting ‘conversations’ with other bloggers and I’m now much more comfortable communicating with writers whose work I admire. I feel part of the on-line community, connecting with people who have similar interests and philosophies. This is exciting – throughout my life I’ve often felt that nobody understands me. 😦 Now these authors are identifying with my words – which is energising and inspires me to write more. I’ve even gained a few new subscribers – Welcome!

I have also widened my reading choices. Receiving a positive comment from Craig Hallam, I paid a return visit to his site. He works in genres unfamiliar and – until now – unattractive to me. But I have downloaded ‘Not Before Bed’, his collection of dark short stories, (the first of which brings to mind Roald Dahl’s ‘Tales of the Unexpected’,) and I’m err…enjoying it. I’m not sure whether ‘Steampunk’ fiction is for me – but I’m looking forward finding out when Craig’s forthcoming novel in that category, ‘Greaveburn’, becomes available.

Having to share seven things about myself has proved unexpectedly rewarding. I generally dismiss my past accomplishments – even counting some of them as ‘failures’. For example – I never qualified as a Naval Nurse, because I met and married a matelot, choosing to set up a shore base with him and raise a family, rather than be drafted – on my own – to a different port.

When my children were at college, I embarked on an extended course of study too. After juggling career, distance learning and home life for nearly a decade, I finally gained my Diploma in Housing – only to take early retirement a few years later.

Nevertheless, I’ve always risen to every challenge, walking away only when a situation no longer serves my purpose. So revisiting my past has strengthened my resolve to do only those things that please and satisfy me, from now on. I’ve ‘paid it forward’, as it were, earning my right to spend all day in my dressing gown, scrumbling a cushion cover; clicking links on other people’s blogs, or reading ‘chick lit’ in the name of research.

I’ve also learned a great deal about WordPress for iPad – how to write a draft without accidentally publishing it mid-sentence, how to insert links and how to ensure that the ‘post’ button on the comments field isn’t hidden under the on-screen keyboard. Now I just have to train the final edit to ‘Stay!’, so that the rest rest of the world can read it too.

Here we go then, fingers crossed …..


10 thoughts on “Reviewing the Rewards

  1. Great post. I think whoever devised these blog award had exactly this in mind. Ive just been chatting with Craig in Sheffield as we’re in a writing group. Not before bed was a great read and I’m looking forward to his novel too.

    Keep up the great work. This is a journey we can all get through together! And I hope this post stays put. 🙂

    1. Thanks, Pete, so far, so good, fingers crossed! I agree with you about the whole point of these awards – that’s what I wanted to get across. Accepting your challenge was a bit nerve-wracking but I wouldn’t have experienced any of the benefits, if I hadn’t jumped at the opportunity, so thanks for that too. Saw on Twitter that you and Craig were meeting yesterday – it’s great to have a writing buddy!

  2. Fully suited and present on board…well done, Jacqueline. When I discovered you ages ago, you were putting together a new home. I’ve wondered often if you are now securely nesting in your new turf.

    1. Thanks so much, Amy. Your words and wise comments helped me so much, when I was floundering a little, in the middle of last year! Most of the urgent work has now been done on the house, freeing me up to write more. Just the finishing touches (the part I like best) to go now but we can relax and take time with those. Looking forward to summer gardening – will post pictures!

  3. You are doing just fine by me, Jacqueline! As a matter of fact a lot better than I did when I was starting up! Keep up the good work and please continue to share your writing with us! I love reading your blog every chance I get!

    I wish you enough. . .

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