Further Formatting Frustrations

I have been attempting to add a list of the blogs I follow for many months now. I am really keen to do this, to show respect for the authors who support and inspire me and because it gives my page a more professional appearance. If random spammers can stumble upon my site, then what’s to say that editors, desperately searching for new writers, won’t? They’re never going to offer me a gold-plated publishing contract if it doesn’t look as though I know what I’m doing, will they?

Earlier this morning I thought I’d cracked it! I finally discovered how to create my own menu – laboriously typing in the address and name of each blog. I was sooooo happy when it appeared to have worked, that I decided to reward myself with a second mug of Milicano and a slice of toast with honey – yum!

I returned from making my snack, licked my sticky fingers and navigated to my page, only to find my ‘blogroll’ pasted right across the top of it, underneath the title! My favourite blogs are also listed down the side, where I intended them to be. Now I have to figure out how to remove the ones at the top, whilst keeping the list on the sidebar.

My head aches; my nerves are frayed, my fuse is so short that The Artist has left the building and ridden off on his Harley. (Clearly he’s decided that motorcycling along bumpy island roads in sub-zero temperatures is preferable to staying snug indoors and attempting to diffuse my Dragon fury – wise man!)

I will defeat the techno-gremlins, I always do……eventually. But in the meantime I am feeling helpless and stupid. Time put on some music that The Artist doesn’t like and crank up the volume to noise nuisance levels. And dance and sing along. Very badly. By myself. So there!


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