The Magic of Synchronicity

Over on her blog, Reflections from a Cloudy Mirror, Paula Tohline Calhoun writes about synchronicity. Which is synchronous, because I’ve been planning to do the same.

Paula talks about the telepathic connection we often share with those close to us – I’ve experienced a few examples of that myself, this week. I wrote a card to a long-distance friend, with whom I’m in contact only once or twice a year – she telephoned before the ink was dry. I simply had a mental image of another friend and, within minutes, she’d called too. Yet another emailed me this morning, just as I was thinking that it had been a while since we last communicated, other than ‘liking’ each other’s Facebook status. Don’t you just love it when that happens?

For me, though, there have also been wider demonstrations of synchronicity working it’s magic. After I’d published my piece on The Chinese Year of the Dragon over onTao of Scrumble, I decided to catch up on the blogs I follow and – as I read a post by Soul Dipper – I noticed that someone who calls herself Crowing Crone Joss had commented. Intrigued by the name, I visited her site.

I couldn’t believe that not only did her words echo some of the sentiments in my post but she’d also included a picture of a collage she’d been working on, in the centre of which was a beautiful dragon. I literally shouted out in joy when I saw it, knowing, instantly, that this was a woman who is on my wavelength, even though she lives on the other side of the Atlantic. Her explanation of why she chose this particular name and the pieces she’s written confirm that we are kindred spirits. She also writes another blog, Be W.E.L.L. and – although I am fortunate not to have fibromyalgia, as she does – I found her thoughts and feelings aligned with mine.

From Joss’s sites I was directed towards a couple of others and was soon able to pass on what I had learned from them.

Indigo Spider is setting up a virtual writers group. I belong to an actual one, Wight Writers and wasn’t sure whether I would have the time to commit to another, carrying out suggested exercises, joining in forum debates and putting forward my work for critique. On the same day and out of the blue, my sister-in-law contacted me and shared that she would love to belong to a group like I do, but hasn’t been able to find one where she lives. Of course, I’ve passed the details on to her. Joss’s next post expressed her reluctance to join Indigo Spider’s group, for similar reasons as my own.

The other useful site – that I found through Be W.E.L.L. was Owning Pink. In it Lissa Rankin explains why she must ‘fill herself up’, so that she can continue to offer healing to others. It was easy for me to draw parallels between her words and the way I’ve felt recently. For example, I’ve limited my Indian Head Massage practice of late, because it has taken all my energy to meet my own challenges. I have felt guilty about this but at 23.59 hrs. on New Year’s Eve 2011, I decided to leave the past where it belongs and start putting myself first.

On Friday evening when, another friend called me at work, I was unable to chat so arranged to ring her back when I got home. As I had guessed, she was upset – and with good reason – about the sensless beaurocracy which is affecting her. I allowed her to get her anger out, then began to encourage her to take care of herself, citing Lissa’s sentiments that she must restore her own balance before she can take care of those who rely on her. By the time we hung up we were both laughing.

Smaller examples of synchronicity delight me – saying, ‘I was just thinking of you,’ and ‘great minds think alike,’ produces a warm feeling of connection to my friends and family. But the chain of events I’ve experienced this week, has me buzzing with excitement. Courtesy of the Blogosphere, I’ve tapped into a wider world community of like-minded souls, supporting and encouraging one and other through the honest words they write. After a lifetime of feeling ‘different’ and misunderstood because of my ‘hippy-trippy’ beliefs, it’s a huge relief to find that I’m in such good company! πŸ™‚


8 thoughts on “The Magic of Synchronicity

    1. I know! I’d just uploaded the post, went to Twitter to check it had been linked and found your ‘Alice in Twitterland’ tweet right above it! Too perfect an opportunity, urging you to follow the ‘wightrabbit’, to pass up!

  1. The synchronicity that I’m experiencing lately has been the healing aspect of blogging. I love learning how we come out of our shelters to discover people – all over the world – who understand, who love and who care. A person in India (I believe) commented on my blog about her gratitude because she has not been able to socialize in person. Blogging has raised the blinds to allow the sunshine of human contact to flow into her soul.

    I’m so glad for your decision on Dec 31, WR!

  2. I totally agree with you on the healing aspect of blogging, Amy! I have gained a great deal of strength from your posts and am happy to do what I can to bring help bring light, where there has been darkness and deceit. Thank you for your courage!

    1. I used to experience synchronicity all the time – but lately it seems to have been less evident. Or maybe I wasn’t so attuned? Anyway, I’m happy that it’s magic is returning!

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