On Occupying the Blogosphere

Last week I reported that Soul Dipper had designated Thursday as ‘Occupy Blogosphere’ day. When I woke up, this morning and realised that a whole week had rolled by (with alarming speed), I began to consider what my contribution might be. Although I’ve had seven days to think about it, my mind was blank so, seeking inspiration, I reached for my Angel Cards.

The first one I turned over was ‘Laughter is the Best Medicine.’ Excellent! Surely I could come up with something amusing based on such a terrific prompt. The Artist was out all morning, so I had plenty of quiet time to ponder, whilst taking a shower; drying my hair, slinging on some comfy clothes and flitting through the chores. Nothing.

I opened up a fresh WordPress page and began to write – that often works. But not this time. To my dismay, I couldn’t even type straight – predictive text making nonsense of my efforts!

I picked up a novel, hoping that reading someone else’s words would encourage my own to flow. No luck. I baked a cake (dairy/gluten-free banana loaf, yum yum!) The Artist came home, we ate. It was time to wrap up (in more ways than one), and leave for our cleaning jobs at school.

At 5.35 pm, as I was vacuuming a first floor corridor, I noticed that daylight was just fading. When this term began, six weeks ago, it was dark enough to see the stars by half-past four.

This subtle reassurance that spring is on it’s way lifted my spirits. I suddenly felt as though warmth and sunshine are just around the corner – even though snow is forecast for tonight. As street lamps flickered into life – bright jewels among the rooftops – it suddenly came to me.

I may not have come up with an hilarious joke (I never can remember punch lines, anyway), or a deeply spiritual message (maybe next week?) But my mind has been fully occupied for hours, focusing on the positive in everything I’ve done, so that I can share it.

It’s been a good day, this ‘Occupy Blogosphere Thursday’

That’s all I have to say.


8 thoughts on “On Occupying the Blogosphere

  1. Wightrabbit, it’s amazing what we put “out there”. This is a perfect example of how we can observe what energy we send out into the world. Thank you for “hanging in” here as we see where this takes us. May the rest of the week brings you many blessings, especially abundance and clarity!

    1. It is amazing how our attitude is reflected right back at us – if I keep in the right frame of mind, my days just get better and better! Happy to be part of such a positive movement towards change, spreading the message with love – looking forward to next week already! x

  2. Sounds like you had a perfectly wonderful day. Those are the best — when you can end them feeling happy. I migrated over here from souldipper’s occupy blogosphere post. Glad I did!

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