Occupy Blogosphere 11 – The Guardian

Today I’ve been Occupying My Mind.

I’ve transformed our main bedroom into a magical space, where we can lie back and dream, day or night.

It’s been fun. Moving a chest of drawers, draped with a shawl, to a corner; setting Morroccan lamps and jewellery casket on top. Voiles at the window, a rug by the bed, gold curtain over the door – disparate elements, collected over time, finally coming together. it’s perfect.

I’ve been so absorbed in Creating, that my day is almost done. It’s late now, we’ve still to eat and I’ve nothing prepared for Occupy Blogosphere Thursday, altough I have been thinking about it.

It’s important for me to participate in Soul Dipper’s movement to lighten the world, via the Blogoshpere. So, as my contribution this week, I’d like to introduce:

The Guardian


The Artist created this fantasy warrior, many years ago, when we were living in our first home together. Using two-part poly/resin compound (which he’d bought to repair a cracked cylinder block on a car,) he moulded each piece individually, before assembling and painting with acrylic.

Wherever we live, this gruesome defender stands guard at the entrance – hence his title.

Art, ingenuity and talisman, all in one: The Guardian

Every Thursday we OCCUPY this space, giving this planet a shot of fun, support and positive energy. To learn more about this movement, or to join in, please visit Souldipper’s Blog

p.s. there’s more of The Artist’s work shown on my other blog Tao of Scrumble


16 thoughts on “Occupy Blogosphere 11 – The Guardian

  1. What an incredible piece of work, Jacqueline. He looks mean enough to stand up to four dobermen. We may need to call on this fellow to be the Guardian of All if the Cease and Desist action stirs up energy tremours around the planet. 😀

  2. I am still thinking on it…
    i work late in my gardens
    the sun going down or the mosiquotes
    whichever comes first is when I stop…
    there is something about hands in the dirt, talking and singing along with the music I hear
    from all Gaia’s creatures, trees and flowers…
    maybe I am trying to figure out a way to bring that in here…
    I will work it out…
    Thank you Jacqueline for the art piece….
    it does add postivily beauty here
    and again Thank you SoulDipper…
    I am just is garden mode, I’ll be in soon…
    Take Care…
    You Matter(both of you)

    1. You’re right, maryrose, you have to post up contributions that fulfill the ‘Occupy Blogoshpere’ conditions but in your own particular way. When the time is right, the words will appear, I’m sure. So glad you appreciated the artwork – I’ll let The Artist know, he will be chuffed! Enjoy your gardening 🙂

  3. I love to decorate! It’s fun to change things up, sometimes and breathe new life into a room. As for your guardian, he is GREAT! He looks Norse – does he have a Norse name? 😀

    1. Yes, we go for years with the same old, then move one item of furniture and – before we know it – the whole house is getting a makeover! Although we did think of Norse names for him, the figure is just known as The Guardian, after a friend dubbed him that. We have lost touch with that good friend, but seeing The Guardian in our front hall reminds us of him every day. (And we’ve every faith that one day he’ll just turn up on our doorstep, out of the blue!)

  4. The changes in your bedroom sound wonderful. You might enjoy a book that your description brought to mind: Simple Abundance ~ A Daybook of Comfort and Joy.

    1. Thanks, Nancy. I’ve googled the book and it does look like something I would enjoy reading. I’ve a big birthday upcoming, so I’m putting it on my wish list 🙂

  5. We in India are wary of the evil eye. So we hang a pumpkin or a picture of a grotesque head to distract and draw the attention of any evil eye towards it . Besides a similar pumpkin, we have as a talisman a Hex sign presented to me by a friend of mine from Lehigh Valley, Pa.,

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