Occupy Blogoshpere 17

I’ve been distracted today, because my brilliant, crazy daughter took part in a sponsored skydive for a small local charity. Providing adventure holidays in tall sailing ships, for people of all abilities, The Jubilee Sailing Trust’s motto is ‘Changing Lives.’


I tracked Rachael’s status on Facebook: delayed by morning mist….sunshine breaking through….putting on ‘Red Devil’ overalls…’Omg…. Here I go!’ I could only imagine how she felt – but my heart was pounding!

I’m not sure that I could ever be that brave, (too high, too fast!) but she faced her fears and did it anyway. And now she wants to do it all again! Watching the video clip of her jumping from the plane, at 13,000 feet, I can understand that. She had a big grin on her face, as you can see here

She’s still buzzing, hours later.

And I’m so proud of my beautiful, caring daughter, that I just have to share it! 🙂


23 thoughts on “Occupy Blogoshpere 17

    1. Thanks, Nancy, she’s still enjoying the amazing sense of achievement, watching the video clip over and over! It’s been a very positive experience – but I’m not doing it! 🙂

    1. Thanks, Becca, many charities in the UK use this means of raising funds and awareness. You have to collect at least £500 in sponsorship (not sure how much that is in dollars) to be able to participate. So she ‘did it’ in more ways than one! 🙂

  1. Jacqueline! That is beyond amazing! And to have it all on video so she can watch it – the feelings must all come rushing back through every second. Good for her!

    Yes, Mom, you have every right to be very, very proud of her – for courage and generosity of spirit!

    The Occupy Blogosphere – I don’t know what to do with it, to be honest, Jacqueline. I think it’s become stale. I still think the concept has merit, but I don’t seem to be pulling it off with any pizzazz. I’ve wondered if it ought to be done by someone willing to jazz up the concept and put lots of energy into it. I’ve been contemplating this in my meditations and I keep being pointed back to telling stories that have punch.

    Would you like to take a stab at keeping it going?

    1. Thank you Amy – I didn’t realise that she had to pay (quite a lot) for the video but she says it has been well worth the expense, to watch it over and over and to share those moments with us all. She’s the most courageous woman I know – I feel privileged to be her Mum!

      There have been some very positive comments on the ‘Occupy’ movement – I’ve emailed you privately about my thoughts on how to keep it going and growing. 🙂

  2. this is so great!….
    I know you are proud of her….
    Thank you for sharing her with us today….
    What a blessing !
    Take Care…

  3. Wow..very cool thing for your daughter to accomplish…in more ways than one. I could not watch (in person) one of my daughters attempt such a feat. Your daughter’s joyful face tells it all! You have every reason to be proud.

  4. Me neither, Pete – I’ve made her promise not to book one as a surprise for me!!! She had to raise £500 before they’d even let her participate, so that’s quite a decent sum 🙂

  5. What an adventure! I would LOVE to skydive someday. And that she did it for a worthwhile cause makes it even more special. 🙂 You have good reason to be proud!

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