Occupy Blogoshpere 20 ~ one day late!


Today ~ courtesy of my son, Lee and his lovely wife, Tracy ~ I present my granddaughter, Grace.

Grandmothers everywhere will understand this:

Born on 12th December 2010, Grace is now eighteen months old. Beautiful, bright and full of wonder, this perfect little being ~ who has christened me ‘Amma’ ~ lights up the planet, with her smile.

She pesters her Daddy to call me on Skype ~ pointing at my profile pic and saying my name ~ and, when I answer, she claps and squeals with delight. She shows me her toes, eyes, knees and Charlie Bear; sings ‘Wind the Bobbin Up’, with all the actions and turns round in circles until she’s dizzy, collapsing in a giggling heap. Then she picks herself up, licks my face on the screen and waves ‘bye bye, Amma!’

When I travel to the mainland for a visit, she is just as excited to see me ~ climbing onto my lap for a cuddle, showing me new skills she’s learned. When I pull out my mobile to video her she strikes a pose and grins ‘cheese’, then runs to the sofa, where I’m sitting, to check herself out on camera.

When first born, she looked like a tiny saint, praying for world peace:


But ~ growing up with smartphones and touch pads ~ she’s becoming a techno-babe.

Lee has just set up an email account, in Grace’s name, so that the family can send her messages. She’ll read them when she’s sixteen ~ a virtual cache of childhood memories, stored away as they happen, so that we can all revisit them later. A personal time capsule, in progress ~ what a brilliant idea!

This, then, is my first contribution:

Amazing Grace,
Always remember this: You are beautiful and loved, beyond measure!
Love, Amma xXx

And, before I press ‘send’, I’ll print out a hard copy to keep, just in case. 🙂


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