Occupy Blogoshpere 23

We’ve had stormy weather of late, in the UK ~ relentless rain washing out The Queen’s Jubilee and The Isle of Wight Music Festival. In the end, it became ridiculous, so we decided to go with it and enjoy the wind and the wet, marvelling at their power.

Then yesterday it started to settle and the sun came out just as Martin and I were making our way to work ~ typical!

This evening we’re basking in glorious sunshine, reading and writing in our garden. It’s an unexpected bonus, one which I intend to exploit fully. But I can’t allow Thursday to pass without mentioning ‘Occupy Blogosphere,’ so here is my contribution for today:


I trust the sun is shining on your world, today, too! 🙂

The Occupy Blogosphere movement was started by Amy, author of Souldipper’s Blog, to light up the Blogosphere with a shot of positive energy, each week. To read her most recent post ~ and for more information on how to join in ~ please click here: http:souldipper.wordpress.com