Occupy Blogosphere 24

At the end of this month I’ll turn sixty and I’m surprised to find it more significant than I thought.

On one hand I’m excited to be this age, living in such interesting times. But on the other, I have to accept that, unless I live to a hundred and twenty, there’s more behind me than ahead. This sobering thought ~ along with the changeable weather (it’s pouring again……surprise!), and another week at work, until the summer holiday ~ Left me feeling a little jaded this morning, with nothing positive to report.

Then The Artist returned from his morning job and put everything into perspective. (He is rather good at that.)

As a Personal Assistant with Age UK, Martin visits the elderly, doing anything they ask, apart from dog~walking and gardening (his choice.) But he’s happy to do chores and run errands; fill out paperwork, play Scrabble ~ or anything else to help them live in their own homes for longer.

But it’s far from a one way exchange. Apart from the wages and his obvious job satisfaction, his assignments have shown him that we should all do whatever we enjoy doing, while we still can.

Some clients are in their eighties ~ two are ninety~five; independent and mentally agile but requiring a little help with the things they can’t manage. To them he’s ‘just a nipper’ ~ relatively speaking, a young man. (He is to me, too, since I am older by a year and a bit.)

‘If we live as long as they have,’ he said, when I moaned about my age and the weather, ‘we’ve got a good thirty years in front of us. Now cheer up!’

And I have. 🙂

P.S. It’s still raining.


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