Occupy Blogosphere 25

In the run up to the Olympic Games ~ which start in London next week, the Olympic Torch has been making it’s way around Britain. Last Saturday it came to The Isle of Wight.

I’m not sporty, or zealously patriotic and am ambivalent about the nation hosting this ridiculously expensive event, in these stringent times. But when we learned that the Torch Relay was scheduled to pass the end of our road, we simply had to go out and cheer on the bearers ~ what are the chances of that happening again, in our lifetimes?

Even though it was windy and drizzling, there was a carnival atmosphere. We waited….and waited… and eventually the parade began with police motorbikes, lights flashing and sirens blaring ~ followed by a handful of sponsorship floats and a slightly bemused window cleaner, (his white van boxed in by the convoy!) Then a wave of cheers, from further down the road, announced that the main attraction was finally on it’s way.

The torch-bearer for this leg of the relay was a disabled teenager in an electric wheelchair. She held the flame aloft, excited and proud to be taking part in this ancient tradition. Her smiling face radiated pure joy, bringing a tear to my eye. Bless her!

I thought some technical glitch had wiped the video footage from my phone, so I was delighted this morning when I found it. As I relived the unexpected emotion of those fleeting seconds, I was so glad I’d made the effort to walk the few yards from my door to the kerbside. (Did I mention that I’m not very sporty?) I will always remember this unique occasion and the effect it had on me.

Apologies for the quality of this image ~ it’s a blurry still from the lost and found video. But it clearly shows the Olympic Flame, which I’m now handing on ~ to light up the Blogosphere! 🙂

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