Occupy Blogoshpere 27

Last Thursday, Amy, author of Souldipper decided to ‘Occupy Art’, inviting comment on a well known painting. Joss, at Be W.E.L.L. continued the theme ~ but I had already written my ‘Occupy’ post, about my birthday. (Old news, I know, move on!)

Here is one of my all-time favourite paintings (apart from The Artist’s work, of course ~ but we showcase that each week, on Tao of Scrumble)

The Light Of The World by William Holman Hunt


Inspired by Biblical references, ‘The Light of the World’ portrays the story of Christ, in symbolic language: the lamp; two crowns of thorns, (one of which is budding); fallen fruit; the sadness on His countenance…..Interpretation and further information can be found on~line.

I’m not sure why this painting touches me so deeply ~ although I do have spiritual faith, I don’t follow a religion. But I’ve loved it ever since I studied art at school.

What stirs me most is the closed door, on which The Saviour knocks. Overgrown with weeds and bearing rusted hinges, it has clearly been neglected for some time. There is no handle, so like the heart it represents, it can only be opened from within.

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