It’s my great pleasure to accept another award ~ The Super Sweet Blogging Award ~ from Susan Jane Jones. Thank you, Susan, I’m honoured that you thought of me.

Now that I’ve solved the conundrum of transferring the logo from her page onto mine, using my iPad, (it wouldnt just ‘copy’, so I had to take a photo and crop away a huge black border,) I have to make the following difficult decisions:

1) COOKIES OR CAKE? Cake……I think……especially if it’s chocolate. If not, cookies will be just fine ~ provided they’re loaded with chocolate!

2) CHOCOLATE OR VANILLA? See answer #1. I know it’s really delicate and grown up but vanilla always seems to be a non~flavour to me. Plain. Ordinary. A little bit boring. Not worth the guilt.

3) WHAT IS YOUR FAVOURITE SWEET TREAT? This one is really difficult, it’s not fair to make me choose. But, if forced to, I’d probably plump for Key Lime Pie. Or Lemon Meringue. Maybe Raspberry Pavlova?….. Or, better still, a trendy trio of all three. Failing that, anything made with chocolate, (except for custard ~ that’s just wrong!)

4) WHEN DO YOU CRAVE SWEET THINGS MOST? In the evenings, when it’s dark and no~one can see me sneak that second helping, ha ha! Seriously, I blame my childhood, when I had to eat up all my dinner before I was allowed pudding.

5) IF YOU HAD A SWEET NICKNAME, WHAT WOULD IT BE? The Artist often calls me ‘Sugar’, which is really sweet! 🙂

According to the rules, I’m supposed to honour 13 (a ‘Baker’s Dozen’) other bloggers. But the WordPress ‘ping back’ function didn’t appear to alert all those I nominated for the One Lovely Blog award, over on Tao of Scrumble. So I’ve decided to just throw it open. All the authors of the blogs I follow are deserving of a mention, so if you feel inclined to pick up this award and pass it on, then please feel free.

Meanwhile I’m off to Waitrose, where you’ll find me drooling over their mouthwatering dessert counter. Thanks for that, Susan 😉


8 thoughts on “Sweet!

  1. We simply HAVE to save the earth, you know, because it’s the only planet with chocolate! 😉 Great answers and congrats! on the honor. Now what in the world is Raspberry Pavlova? I’m going to have to look that up and find a way to try it (<3 raspberry flavor!).

    1. Lots and lots of laughs, Corina ~ I’m liking your line of thinking! Raspberry Pavlova is easy ~ meringue layered with fresh raspberries and cream. You could also grate chocolate over it……Enjoy! 😉

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