Occupy Blogosphere 36

I saw this on Facebook this morning and they asked me to subscribe and share it. So I have! 🙂


The Occupy Blogosphere movement was started by Amy, author of Soul Dipper, to light up the Blogosphere with a shot of positive energy, each week. To read her most recent post ~ and for more information on how to join in, please visit: http://souldipper.wordpress.com/2012/10/31


14 thoughts on “Occupy Blogosphere 36

    1. I’m guessing you meant to say ‘move out of our way’, Becca and you’re right! And I am being challenged to do that right now, with a work situation. Instead of insisting on doing things ‘my way’, I am stepping back, meditating and allowing events to unfold. It’s proving to be very ‘interesting’ ~ so thank you for the reminder that I will be taken care of and all my needs met 🙂

      1. Oops — I left out an important word — and yes, that is what I mean. Hard task to accomplish for me. Sending you energies and kudos for allowing yourself to step back … 😀 Have a blessed weekend.

    1. Thank you, Raven. It seemed that as soon as I posted this, I was presented with the opportunity to put it into practice and it proved quite challenging. But it is how I wish to live my life, so I persevered and it was worth the effort.

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