Occupy Blogosphere 37

I sincerely apologise to all my blogging buddies if I haven’t replied to any of your comments, or if I’ve responded twice, or if I haven’t added my tuppence worth to your comment threads. My version of WordPress is behaving a tad temperamentally lately ~ co~operating one minute and obstinately refusing to the next.

I’d just like to let you know how much I enjoy reading your posts, joining in topical debate, sharing hopes and dreams, frustration and laughter. Your wonderful words and pictures have educated and informed me about 21st Century life in different parts of the world.Your honest sharing has touched and inspired me, prompting me to consider alternate points of view. Your ready wit and wicked senses of humour often get me LOLing. 😉

And I truly appreciate it when you come over to mine and make a lovely remark, or point out something I hadn’t realised I’d said. You’re ideal guests, entertaining me and supporting my every effort ~ and I don’t even have to speed clean the house or bake a cake before you drop by!

No matter where on earth we live, we identify with each other, by writing about similar things. Stuff that is important to us ~ like love and home and family, current affairs, nature, spirituality and memories of the lives we’ve lived.

So, this being Thursday, lets give each other a virtual round of applause for lighting up the blogosphere as often ~ and as thoroughly ~ as we do! 🙂

The Occupy Blogosphere movement was started by Amy, author of Souldipper’s Blog, to light up the Blogosphere with a shot of positive energy, each week. To read her most recent post ~ and for more information on how to join in, please click here: Soul Dipper


11 thoughts on “Occupy Blogosphere 37

  1. What a great post and I agree with you there is much light shared amongst blogging buddies. I’m also having trouble with WordPress, some of the blogs I follow – like yours – don’t appear in my reader so I’m sorry if I’ve been missing your posts. I’ll figure it out. It’s Thursday after all and time for positivity 😉

    1. Thank you, Jacqueline, I love the little synchronicities and the things we all share in common. I’m glad it isn’t just me having trouble with WP ~ it’s bad enough when it won’t let me comment on your blog but now it won’t always allow me to reply on mine! Random, as the kids say! 🙂

  2. Yeay…I sure do enjoy posts about the incredible circles that form in the blogosphere. I used to believe only friendships in person could offer such camaraderie, joy, humour and caring. However, I’m being shown there is lots of room for love in cyberspace. And that love has the same healing power as any other!

  3. Wooo hoooo! 😀 Isn’t it amazing and wonderful that we are able to connect with people, places, ideas that we probably never would have known without the internet? This is one of the biggest blessings, I think, about the invention of the world-wide-web. You are right, that it is worth celebrating such warm, cherished connections!

  4. For your sake I hope WordPress gets on board! It can be very frustrating when it doesn’t come together. I couldn’t agree more about the enjoyment of meeting somewhere in cyberspace. Today I had lunch with a blogging buddy…we’ve been “talking” for over a year now and finally discovered we I’ve 30 minutes from each other. One of the best parts of our sharing was talking about the bloggers we both know, and the ones we hope to share with each other! Such delight!

    1. Still wonky, Nancy ~ Britain is so far behind the rest of the world in Internet provision that it’s a joke! Thanks for the ping~backs and wishing you an excellent 2013! 🙂

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