Nurturing Thursday 4

After putting up with a dwindling Internet connection and buzzing land line reception for some time, we’re finally being beamed a strong signal, via the magic of fibre~optics. Who knew that those frondy, colour~changing lamps ~ so ‘space age’ in the ’70’s ~ would one day open a portal to the World Wide Web?

So we’re up and running again, with a new telephone number, faster broadband and a more stable link to the XBox 360 downstairs. Which means we can surf the super~highway in confidence and watch on~demand TV, catching up on missed programmes at our leisure, free from ‘buffering’. Which is great ~ we don’t view much and the most interesting~looking programmes are broadcast at inconvenient times. Like when we’re at work, or wishing to sleep or when the sun is blazing hot and we’d rather be basking in it, outside. (OK, I made that last one up.)

Our new number is unlisted, which should drastically cut down on annoying nuisance calls. As an additional precaution the installers advised us not to give out our real number if we use online comparison sites, for insurance quotations and the like, as this is how marketing companies obtain contact details. We never realised that and, as a result, have been plagued seven or eight times a day.

There are no longer wires and cables trailing across the top of the stairs ~ I’d cobbled together a precarious connection between a vintage MacBook, plugged into the mains and our faltering router, by means of an Ethernet cable. Sporadic, but better than nothing at all in this age of instant communication with every corner of the planet ~ and my family, who live in the next county.

This messy arrangement reminded us of the old ‘dail~up’ method of accessing the Internet, when it took all night to scan in one of Martin’s paintings, jamming the printer when we attempted to print it out. We thought we’d broken our spanking new (and expensive) devices until the help desk reassured us that we’d bought enough technology to send a man to the moon and that our learning curve would be vertical. Nevertheless, we didn’t attempt to copy artwork again, until software programmes could meet our ambitious expectations!

So, on this Nurturing Thursday, I’m extremely grateful that a whole bunch of niggling irritations has been dealt with in one easy move. And I’m indulging myself, messing around on my iPad and making good use of the ‘Excellent’ Wi-Fi signal showing up in my settings.

Yay! Thirteen years post~Millenium and we’ve just arrived in the 21st Century! 🙂

Nurturing Thursday is the idea of Becca Givens, author of ‘On Dragonfly Wings with Buttercup Tea’
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18 thoughts on “Nurturing Thursday 4

    1. You do make me giggle, Susan and I’d like to do a lot more of that! (We’ve had some serious issues to deal with, lately.) I do like my technology and having the world at my fingertips ~ but it can be so frustrating when the wretched machinery doesn’t work instantly! Thankfully this new connection is holding up well, so far. 🙂

      1. Glad you’re having a giggle Jacqueline, we should all do more of that. We too have had a few serious things, but a giggle will always take you through. Here’s to more giggles. We should have a giggle blog once a month.

    1. It’s great, Becca ~ I didn’t realise just how slow and clunky the old service was. We are seriously behind in broadband availability, here in the UK and it’s even worse on this small island. Hopefully I can join in and write my own posts with mo confidence, now! 🙂

    1. I know, Debra, I recently had so many unread emails that it was worse than being at full time work, (not to mention comments on Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest!) This short hiatus in connection has done me good ~ I now pick and choose what I wish to focus on.

  1. Glad you’ve sorted everything. I feel lost without any connections and mope about the house.

    We used to get loads of nuisance calls about have you had an accident or the dreaded PPI. We signed up for the Telephone Preference Service who list you number on a “opted out” list. After a few weeks virtually ALL the calls stopped. It’s free to sign up so if the calls comeback you could try that as well.

    1. Thanks for that, Pete, I’ll investigate that service, should the need arise. We’ve only had one or two calls in total since we changed over. Maybe I should let more of my friends know my new number? LOL 🙂

  2. under the sea, under the sea…….darling it’s better, not even wetter, when you can see………..and reach out and touch someone. oh my, I am way too tired. So behind on catching up on blog posts that my brain is turning to mush. Here’s to fiber optics in all their glory.

    1. Excellent, Joss! Even when you’re tired your humour wins out and I love that! Fibre~optics rule ~ I’ve already forgotten how frustrating the old system was! 🙂

  3. I do like your undersea world over here, Jacqueline and thanks for popping over now and then to visit even though I’ve been so lax ever since I made my move. I do appreciate it though. You made me remember that dial-up business when we first had a computer…oh, my goodness…I could not abide that slowness now! So happy to hear you’ve joined the 21 century at last…I know you’re enjoying the better, faster service!

    1. Hi, Gayle, things have been tricky here lately, so I haven’t been as diligent in my commenting as usual, either. I do love reading your posts and following your progress in your new life ~ it’s inspiring to hear how others are rising to their challenges! The new service is working out really well ~ I could never go back to the old ways, though we thought they were amazing at the time! 🙂

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