Nurturing Thursday 5

On her blog On Dragonfly Wings with Buttercup Tea, poet and artist Becca Givens often writes about her fur~family. She believes that there’s a portal in her yard, through which animals in need come to her, knowing that they’ll find a loving home for as long as they wish to remain. I’m beginning to think that we have one too.

In addition to The Cat Who Isn’t Our Cat, we now have a Dog Who’s Not Our Dog!

Six weeks ago my darling daughter suffered a shocking bereavement and is now adjusting to raising my twin grandsons without their beloved Daddy. Of course we’re on hand, to help with whatever we can and I’m drawing on my own experience of losing my father, when I was little older than the boys, (they’ll be four in April.) But much as I wish I could erase their pain, I know that I can’t ~ I’m only able ease it, wherever possible.

So The Artist (a committed cat~person) and I are fostering their seven year old fox~terrier cross, until Rachael is in a better position to have the family pet back. Indie’s only been with us six days and it’s working out even better than I expected, (and I’m an eternal optimist!)

Summer, the stray cat, wasn’t too impressed initially ~ scratching my arm deeply, as she struggled to flee from the inquisitive little canine. So we’ve given her the run of upstairs, feeding her in the studio and letting her in and out via the front door. Indie remains downstairs, is allowed into the kitchen garden and Secret Courtyard and gets walked around the neighbourhood twice a day. We’ve met a couple of other dog~owners, who’ve given me the heads~up on more open spaces and ~ when we’re confident she’ll come back to us ~ we can allow her off the lead in these.

Yesterday morning Martin suggested we drive to one of the Island’s beaches, where she could trot along the shore in safety. The tide was high, (must check the tables in future) so we romped with her in an empty field alongside the cliff path instead.



Despite the fact that I feed her and have the enviable role of poop~scooper, she regards the Artist as leader~of~the~pack and is already devoted to him. Typical! It’s exactly the same with the cat, who miaows at me plaintively until I fill her bowl then ~ when she’s replete ~ sits on his lap, purring loudly!

But, as Becca will readily confirm, this is not a one~way exchange. As we nurture this unlikely duo they reward us with uncomplicated affection, complete trust and tons of fun. And I’m certain that very soon they’ll make friends and happily share the same spaces. (Did I mention that I’m an optimist? ;))

As the step~daughter of a veterinary surgeon and the mother of two children, I’ve looked after many different animals in my time. And, although I appreciate those experiences, I’d never have chosen to have more. Then Summer turned up and now Indie is in need of temporary accommodation. But they’re not our pets, we don’t own them ~ we’re just borrowing them for a while. 🙂

Nurturing Thursday is the idea of Becca Givens, author of ‘On Dragonfly Wings with Buttercup Tea.’ To read more about this, or to join in, please click here.