Nurturing Thursday 6

i’ve never been skinny and I haven’t paid any attention to my weight since I met The Artist. He assured me that curves were far more interesting to him, than sharp lines and bony angles. So I threw away my bathroom scales and concentrated on improving and maintaining my health. Whereas, once I couldn’t walk to the local shops, without getting out of puff, I’m hardly ever out of breath now.

Even when I’m weighed at the surgery, I ask the nurses not to tell me. They respect my wishes ~ my blood pressure is textbook and I hardly ever visit the doctor, with the exception of minor ailments and routine checks. So I’m fine as I am and I’m grateful to be able to say that.

But it hasn’t always been that way. I’ve put myself on numerous diets and eating plans in the past, allowing the plus or minus of a few ounces to colour my entire outlook. Flipping through a box of old snapshots recently, I as astounded! There in my hands was photographic evidence that when I thought, for years, that I was fat, I was surprisingly ‘normal’. If I could have believed that then, I would have saved myself a great deal of angst and prescription medication.

Ironically over the past week or so, I’ve noticed that my clothes are a little less snug. One reason for this is that I have to climb several flights of stairs in my job now, which I didn’t before. It’s better than any gym work~out, and I get paid for it!

In addition to that, Indie is walking me twice a day, which works on different levels. I’m directly interacting with the elements and communing with nature, whilst nosing around the neighbourhood. (Looking at other people’s houses and gardens is fine if you’re attached to a dog! ;))

When we return home she goes crazy, racing round and round the dining table, in an anti~clockwise direction. Then she flops down and snuggles up beside me on the sofa. Now that’s my new definition of nurturing! 🙂


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