Crafty Bees

Recently Gilly ~ energetic author of Lucid Gypsy ~ asked if I was still attending a craft group that I used to write about on my other blog. (Tao of Scrumble)

The answer is most definitely ‘Yes!’

These are a few of my nimble~fingered friends at last night’s get~together: Mel cast on the stitches for her first pair of fingerless mittens (vowing later that they’d be her last!); Irene has been working on a knitted cover for her heirloom single bed, (which she slept in as a child, as did her own sons.) Hazel, sitting on the floor, is sorting through her stash of bits and bobs, Dawn and Kerry are sewing badges on their daughters’ Girl Guide sweaters and Chrissie is crocheting a waistcoat, in a rich Autmn shade.

And what, you may ask, was my contribution to this hive of activity ~ apart from interrupting my companions mid~stitch and persuading them to smile for the camera?


A long, long time ago, in a galaxy parallel to this one, (minus the current heatwave,) Martin asked if I’d make him a blanket, like the one Indie and I snuggle under while watching TV. But different. He had very definite ideas ~ not the same as mine but equally whacky.

Yesterday ~ the hottest day of the year ~ I tied the final knot, wove in the last loose end and it was finished. Yay! Here he is holding it up in the Kitchen Courtyard this morning:


With clashing colours and a random selection of squares and stripes, he can fold it whichever way takes his fancy, completely swaddle himself in it or hide behind it when I’m trying to take his photograph. It’s certainly large enough.

It may have taken me an age to complete and it might be too hot to wrap ourselves up in wooly blankets right now. But when winter comes ~ or next week when the sun disappears ~ we’ll all be cosy and warm!




4 thoughts on “Crafty Bees

  1. What a lovely bunch of girls, I bet you have a great time together. I’d love to be part of a craft group. Your blanket it magnificent and so is the one on the lady’s lap. I’ve crocheted one blankie for my sofa and am making two smaller ones for my youngest G-babies but I’m struggling with joining the squares – the first was continuous and much easier!

    1. Thank you, Gilly ~ it is a lovely group, with many talented members. Continuous crochet is much easier than joining squares ~ I prefer to crochet them together than sewing them. And I’m not keen on sewing in the ends, which is why I do that while chatting to my crafty friends ~ doesn’t seem such an onerous task when you’re busy chatting! It would be good to see photos of your work! 🙂

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