Art for Blokes

When we began to renovate our outside building we thought that Martin and I would both be able to use it for our art. But once I’d moved in my tools, materials, books and work table there was less room than we’d previously imagined. So it became my Kaboodle.

Poor Martin!

I eased my guilty conscience by suggesting that he turn our front bedroom into his own creative space.  We sleep at the back of the house, where it’s quieter and it wouldn’t have made sense to keep his computer outside anyway ~ our wifi doesn’t reach that far. I like it that way but he prefers to be connected at all times.

He painted the walls Dutch Gold and Turkish Tile and covered the floorboards with aluminium chequer~plate vinyl :



Although I was unsure of these choices, I have to admit that he’s right (as usual!) His artwork looks stunning against the blue and it’s easy to keep dust~free. This is his studio so I don’t interfere with it ~ although he sometimes allows me to kick back in the Big Yellow Chair and gaze out of the double windows, while he’s immersed in digital painting on the iMac.

This is what he’s been working on most recently:





Inspired by my research into the ‘Steampunk’ genre, these skulls ~ composed from mechanical elements ~ could be printed on anything: mugs, T~shirts, greetings cards. The monochrome one could even be the basis of a tatoo.

We’ll have to wait and see. As with all his artwork it’s the challenges that absorb Martin ~ exploring ways to produce the end result he has in mind, honing his skills and technical expertise and keeping his brain active. Having said that, please respect his copyright. You are welcome to share these images, provided you reference them as his work and link back to this blog.