Backgrounds, edges and seeing what it looks like.

In the past I’ve tended to be a bit ‘slap~happy’ with my art projects, launching into whatever comes to mind without too much forward planning.

Exciting and spontaneous as this is, it doesn’t always work out the way that I’d imagined it, so I’ve decided adopt a more organised approach with my new multi~media collages.

To begin with I created backgrounds on cartridge paper and canvas:

To achieve different textures I used alcohol and watercolour ink sprays, sprinkled rock salt on wet paint, flicked and spattered with a toothbrush. Tilting and turning created interesting runs and rivulets ~ with sharper edges where they were left to dry.

Next I applied gilding flakes to the edges of the block canvases, thinking it would be easier to handle at this early stage:

Wrong! It wasn’t easy ~ working with these floaty metallic flakes is super~tricky. Even experienced crafters demonstrating how to do it on YouTube got all stuck up and messy ~ which cheered me up no end! I’m glad I applied them when I did ~ but I’m in no great hurry to include this medium in this way again.

Now I’m at the stage of moving individual elements around before deciding which to include and where to place them.

Hearts and flowers; butterflies, cogs and clocks and washers, wallpaper samples, postcards, bits of lace and packaging. Love and Peace and Art.

The possibilities are absolutely endless…..P1

… this may take some time…..