Nurturing Thursday 108


Our house is in the ideal location for Martin and I ~ on the outskirts of the County Town, with all it’s amenities but with two seperate village communities to tap into, (our road actually forms the border between them.) And, although the area has become more built~up over the years, we can still stroll along country footpaths within minutes of stepping through our front gate. Which is excellent for our daily dog~walk and observing nature close at hand:

Yesterday we decided to gather blackberries while exercising our right of way across nearby fields.

According to English folklore you shouldn’t pick these wild fruit after Michaelmass, (which used to be September 29th) the day on which the Fallen Angel Lucifer was cast out of heaven and landed on a thorny bramble bush. He was so furious that he either spat or urinated on them, stamped on the with his cloven hooves or threw his cloak over them, depending on the area in which the tale is being told. In any case they are said to taste awful after that date and eating them is supposed to bring bad luck or make you ill.

Whether or not you believe in this legend, it is true to say that the ones we found yesterday were just on the right side of luscious ripeness, so it was the perfect day to harvest them:

Now they’re washed, drained and frozen, ready for making pies and crumbles ~ comfort food full of nurturing Vitamin C to cheer us over the winter. I kept back a small amount, which I placed in a bottle with sugar and half a litre of spirit, so when Christmas comes we can literally drink the fruits of our labours ~ home~made Blackberry Vodka!



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Important Message from Keeper of Sacred White Buffalo Calf Pipe. – Chief Arvol Looking Horse

As my Nurturing Thursday contribution today I am reblogging this important message:


Make No Bones About It


I, Chief Arvol Looking Horse, of the Lakota, Dakota, and Nakota Nations, ask you to understand an Indigenous perspective on what has happened in America, what we call “Turtle Island.” My words seek to unite the global community through a message from our sacred ceremonies to unite spiritually, each in our own ways of beliefs in the Creator.

We have been warned from ancient prophecies of these times we live in today, but have also been given a very important message about a solution to turn these terrible times.

To understand the depth of this message you must recognize the importance of Sacred Sites and realize the interconnectedness of what is happening today, in reflection of the continued massacres that are occurring on other lands and our own Americas.

I have been learning about these important issues since the age of 12 when I received the Sacred White Buffalo Calf…

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