WIP Wednesday 16

Our artwork has been taking a back seat over the past month because the studio where some of the magic happens has been having a facelift.

The UK is still basking in glorious sunshine ~ I genuinely can’t remember the last time it rained, other than a surprise drop or two splatting on the car windscreen sometime last week. If this continues The Water Board will implement a hosepipe ban ~ in fact I’m surprised that there isn’t one in force already.

Martin has been taking advantage of these perfect conditions to continue weather~proofing the Kaboodle ~ raking out and replacing the old mortar and allowing it to dry thoroughly, before applying masonry paint to seal and protect the 100+ year~old brickwork.

This week he has been joined by an enthusiastic young apprentice ~

our nine~year~old grandson Ruan. I bet he never imagined that he’d be working so hard during his school holiday! 😉

Luckily it doesn’t seem to have put him off visiting the Isle of Wight. After downing tools for the day and refuelling on fish and chips, we took an evening stroll along a beautiful sandy beach about 10 minutes from our front door:


Ruan is already planning what he’d like to do on his next visit, in August, with twin brother Mylo.

Hopefully, Grandad will have finished all the repointing and painting by then!










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