Backgrounds, edges and seeing what it looks like.

In the past I’ve tended to be a bit ‘slap~happy’ with my art projects, launching into whatever comes to mind without too much forward planning.

Exciting and spontaneous as this is, it doesn’t always work out the way that I’d imagined it, so I’ve decided adopt a more organised approach with my new multi~media collages.

To begin with I created backgrounds on cartridge paper and canvas:

To achieve different textures I used alcohol and watercolour ink sprays, sprinkled rock salt on wet paint, flicked and spattered with a toothbrush. Tilting and turning created interesting runs and rivulets ~ with sharper edges where they were left to dry.

Next I applied gilding flakes to the edges of the block canvases, thinking it would be easier to handle at this early stage:

Wrong! It wasn’t easy ~ working with these floaty metallic flakes is super~tricky. Even experienced crafters demonstrating how to do it on YouTube got all stuck up and messy ~ which cheered me up no end! I’m glad I applied them when I did ~ but I’m in no great hurry to include this medium in this way again.

Now I’m at the stage of moving individual elements around before deciding which to include and where to place them.

Hearts and flowers; butterflies, cogs and clocks and washers, wallpaper samples, postcards, bits of lace and packaging. Love and Peace and Art.

The possibilities are absolutely endless…..P1

… this may take some time…..


Experimental multi-media collage

This is my first attempt at a multi~media collage ~ constructed during my ‘lets go with the flow and see where it leads us’ phase.


I had a rough idea of what I’d like to create, but didn’t know if the various materials would work together ~ would metal washers stick to canvas, for example; how would different media inter~act?  Without a definite plan I focused on one section at a time, allowing the design to emerge organically over a period of months.

As a try~out piece I’m happy with it ~ now I understand my lovely husband when he says that some of his early paintings are more about trying out  a particuar technique than creating a perfect picture.

There are parts of it that I’d do differently ~ if I ever made another one like this. Not that I’m intending to just yet ~ there are far too many other interesting avenues to explore and I’m champing at the bit to get stuck in. But I’ve taken on board the lessons that this one taught me so my next attempt won’t be quite so…serendipitous. It’s tricky balancing order with spontanaiety.

A backstory began to emerge and as I worked I imagined a intrepid Victorian explorer (the Brave Soul.) He’s returning from a long and sometimes perilous sea voyage, heading towards the land where his true love awaits.

Cliched and Romantic maybe ~ but that’s the reason why I call this piece ~ Homeward Bound. 



What’s a Kaboodle?

Over the years I’ve hoarded so many art materials ~ bought and reclaimed ~ that they were spilling into every room in the house. (This, by the way, is completly normal ~ ask any crafter!)

Try as I might, I just couldn’t help myself from examining every piece of rubbish I was about to chuck into the bin, wondering if I could make something from it. And storing it ‘just in case…’.

Something had to be done.

So, with a little help from friends we transformed this:


into this:


The Kaboodle is large enough to stash my various collections, (with plenty of room for more;)) Now I can lay my hands on tools and materials with ease ~ quite a new experience for me!

We’ve furnished it with rejects from the home ~ some drawer units and shelving, a cupboard and our pine dining table. (Well it was perpetualy covered in art ‘stuff’, so we could never have a meal at it anyway ;))

With Martin’s paintings hung on the walls, a portable ‘boogie box’ playing in the background and fairy lights strung along the eaves, it’s a cosy and inspiring creative space. This is where I practice my art.

I’ve been running through the basics,

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experimenting with whatever comes to hand and generally having fun. 🙂

I’ve tackled a few simple projects:

…..and learned what not to do from ‘mistakes’. 🙂

I’ve dabbled to my heart’s content for long enough and the time has come to put my newly~acquired skills to test. (Scary! :-/) So I’m moving on to the next phase ~ making Multi Media Collages and papier~mache Tiny Houses.

I’ll be photographing and writing about them as well, that’s all part of the project.

I’ll tell you more about these Works in Progress another time.