Nurturing Thursday 9


We’ve finished our last shift as cleaners at the local college. And now we’re at home and looking forward to the Easter Holiday. Two weeks off work. Whooohooo!

Time to relax and replenish my energy and ~ if the weather perks up ~ do a little work in the garden. It’s been a bitterly cold, wet Winter, so there’s much nurturing to be done. I’m hoping to clear the weeds and prepare the ground ~ and maybe plant some vegetable seeds, (indoors, at least, if not out.)

But even if it rains I intend to make the most of it.

I’ll cosy up with some knitting or crochet.

Or Martin.

And I’ll most likely eat some chocolate 😉


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Occupy Blogospherere 33

The Equinox brought squally weather to the Isle of Wight this week ~ high winds, heavy downpours, thunder and dark skies. But yesterday, as the storm clouds moved away, two very special people came to visit, bringing the Autumn sunshine with them.

My three and a half year old grandsons, Ruan and Myles (known to everyone but Daddy and Grandad as ‘Mylo’) are twins, born two minutes apart:

Non~identical, they look completely different: Little Mylo’s hair is blond, while Ruan, who is taller, sports glorious ginger curls. But they have that twin connection and seem to work in sync.

From early on they’ve shared a private language ~ babbling away and giggling when alone, then falling silent as soon as anyone else appeared. Later, chatty Ruan spoke for both of them, entertaining the adults with his genius, while Mylo, who walked first, loved to figure things out ~ clicking train tracks together, building teetering towers and raiding the snack store in the kitchen cupboard. Working together, with Mylo giving his brother directions in ‘twin speak’, they managed to unlock the child~proof gate at nursery!

When they were fourteen months old, my daughter returned to work part time. I looked after them on Wednesday mornings, taking them to baby signing classes for a while. It made life so much easier, that they could communicate their needs: food, drink, more, change nappy, milk and bed. They also played practical jokes in sign language ~ Mylo famously reported, complete with astonished expression, that an elephant was walking down the street outside their house! How they both laughed when Mummy came to look!

Here they are, last year, on Grandad’s motorbike.

We had such fun when they came yesterday: drawing and colouring, blowing bubbles, hiding in the secret courtyard, scooting up the drive. And, before they left to catch the ferry back to the mainland, they planted some bulbs in my newly~fenced garden, ready for next spring.



These gorgeous little beings bring happiness and light into my universe and long may that continue! Every day I bless them both ~ and their hardworking Mum! 🙂


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Occupy Blogosphere 7 – A New Era of Peace?

Apart from my work as a cleaner, I haven’t been physically active of late. That’s not to say that I’ve done nothing. My leisure pursuits have been mainly cerebral – carrying out Internet research, writing morning pages and blogs and devouring more books than I’ve previously read in a year. But it’s been too cold to garden and I haven’t been motivated to work on my crafts – until last Saturday, that is.

Inspired by different colour combinations, I began to crochet some patches, using three strands of double knitting and quite a large hook. Pulling the stitches tightly to create a firm finish, I worked all day – and the next. On Monday the sun warmed my courtyards, seducing me outside to start tidying up. Of course I did more than I planned to, pulling up weeds and relocating pots filled with soil.

That evening, with my body protesting, I liberally applied my tried and tested cure for aches and pains – Egyptian Oil. This unique combination of various oils – mineral, olive, peanut, lanolin, fir needle and sassafras – is prepared by Heritage Products, Virginia and based on the Edgar Cayce Readings. Even the smell of it makes me feel better!

Edgar Cayce, (1877-1945) is known as ‘The Sleeping Prophet,’ because, for over forty years he put himself into meditative states – sometimes several times a day – in which he answered questions on various matters and carried out psychic healing. In 1931 he founded the non-profit Association for Research and Enlightenment, Inc, (A.R.E.) in Viriginia, to document, research and disseminate his findings. Over 14,000 copies of his ‘readings’, are filed there and available to the public – along with follow-up information from those who requested them.

Perhaps the most documented psychic of the 20th Century, Cayce foresaw many world events, some of which have already come true – wars, climate change, polar shift, rise in sea levels, specific technological advances, long economic cycles even the date of his own death.

I am not about to debate the veracity of Cayce’s prophesies. Information and discussion on them can be easily sourced via the Internet. He viewed them himself as warnings for humans to use their free will to avert an apocalypse.

What interests me most is his vision of a new era of peace, developed gradually, over time, to create a world, where divinity in humans would be manifest here on Earth. He talked about a new order arising; purging in high places and low, greater consideration of the individual, with each soul being his ‘brother’s keeper’, and an understanding of the need for a levelling in politics, economics and other relationships.

Is that change beginning to happen, driven by global protest and activist movements? If so, then this post, on ‘Occupy Thursday’, is part of it. I can’t say whether Edgar Cayce’s prediction of a New World Order, where importance is placed on the spiritual as much as the material, will ever come about – I certainly hope so. But I can tell you this, with absolute authority: Egyptian Oil works wonders for me, every time!

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